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Postby helicopter_swing » Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:09 pm

Will Watsonians SRC be represented at the Scottish Squash AGM in Perth on Mon, Jul 20?
Is there anyone alive in Myreside after the huge tome of legalese that's on the agenda has been skimmed?

To my mind quite a few dangerous things are being slipped under the radar to take control of our members company away from members.

Hope you don't mind my attaching the proxy form here for people to be able to use if they can't attend in person. Some people apparently didn't get the attachment, lucky them :D .

p.s. It seems like you have a stalker on this forum now, Richard. That's the price of being a V-list celebrity these days, you're in the v-zone :lol:
Proxy Form 2009.pdf
SS AGM 0009 Proxy form
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